Rajshahi Collegiate School


Rajshahi Collegiate School is the first and oldest school in the country and has a long tradition and reputation of spreading the light of education. Throughout the country the school has produced thousands of qualified citizens to serve the nation. The school has been fostering its tradition for more than 182 years. Lord William Benting from his personal effort and enthusiasm established this school in 1828 and named it “Bawlia English School” to spread English language all over the country. The activities of the school began on the verenda of a dochala room made of tile near Borokuthi on the bank of the river Padma. At the beginning it was a private and full free school. At that time there was no allocation of government fund for the school. So, the school continued with the assistance and cooperation from the European officers, lawyers, businessmen, men of other professionals, the rajas and zamidars of Puthia.